Roof Repair – Why Early Winter Is A Great Time For Indianapolis Roof Repair


While some roof repairs in the summer can wait, many roof repairs in the winter should be repaired immediately. If you have significant roof damage Indianapolis, you’ll want to get them repaired as quickly as possible, regardless of what season it is. There are several reasons why Storm Guard believes early winter is a great time to repair your roof.

End of Storms

Spring and summer play host to some of the most disastrous storms an area will see during the year. Since the severe storms are ending, early winter is the ideal season to assess your roof and acquire the appropriate repairs in preparation for the coming cold months. Wet, spring weather conditions delay roofing work. This also means less of a wait for repairs since it’s not in the heart of the roofing “busy season.”


Perfect Temperatures – Roof Repair Indianapolis

Extreme cold weather makes shingles harder to work with. Extremely cold weather makes them brittle and more susceptible to breaking when being nailed, resulting in delays and more work.

On the contrary, the heat of the summer can cause delays from the much-needed breaks that roofing laborers must take to stay hydrated. When you can find a happy medium, like right now, it’s a great time to look at roof repairs in Indianapolis.

Save Money – Affordable Roof Repair Indianapolis

Another reason why early winter is the ideal season for roof repair is the money saving aspect it presents. Since the coldest months of the year follow, you’ll be spending the winter heating your home to stay warm. By making repairs before the brutal January and February temperatures, you’ll benefit from a better insulated home and reduce your energy costs throughout the winter.

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Summer Damage

You always hear about heavy rains and snow causing damage to a roof, but the sun is just as guilty when it comes to elements that weaken the integrity of shingles and your roof. Repeated sun exposure can cause shingles to break down by drying them out, to the point they will eventually dissolve. By repairing this damage in November and December, your roof will be ready to go for a few more seasons of rain, snow, and hot sun exposure.

Late Winter Damage

If you have minor damage on your roof, the cold, wet weather of January and February that Indianapolis gets can increase the damage significantly. A missing shingle or two can lead to leaks and major water damage both inside and outside of your home. Repairing these problems in early winter will ensure your roof is winter proof and ready to withstand the harsher elements the season brings with it.

Repairing your roof before the harsh winter months in Indianapolis will also help you save money on your energy bills and ensure your roof is safe for years to come. Early winter is also the end of storm season, presenting the best weather for roof repairs, since it typically remains dry enough for sealants and shingles to set properly.


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Storm Guard replaced my roof about a year ago. Great service upfront and they were a tremendous help dealing with an insurance claim. I’m glad my roof can now guard us against the storm!Shawn H. via Google

It was good timing when they came knocking at our door. Normally we turn solicitors away, but we were looking to get our roof replaced this year and saw they had good reviews online and a functioning website, so we gave them a shot.
They worked with our insurance company to help us file a claim. We only paid the deductible. We got a new roof and gutters.
They were attentive. We never had to call their office. They always called us first, every step in the process, but they were never pushy.
They made a good recommendation that we go with black gutters to replace our white ones, saying “black would pop.” They were right. We love them.
I was concerned when the job was finished because some of the tiles were not completely flat against the roof. I assumed they just needed time to settle, and that ended up being the case. The roof looks beautiful. -Jay W. via Google