Nov 25
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Roof Repair Services in Avon, IN

Avon Roofing Contractors When you live in Avon, Indiana, you grow to appreciate the benefit of hard work. This community is one of the fastest-growing in the region, and for a good reason. A with award-winning gardens and Avon Town Hall Park to explore, there’s plenty to love about living here. Whether you’re a new resident of Avon or have lived here for several generations, you are going to need the services of a […]

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Oct 22

Hail Damage Roof Inspection

Roof Hail Damage Services After a hail storm, your most obvious concern will be how well the roof held up. If the hailstones were on the small side—half an inch or less—you might not be as concerned as if it had been hailing goose eggs. With large hailstones, you can expect to see damaged roof shingles and dented flashing. Smaller hailstones don’t result in as readily seen signs of damage. Small Hailstones. Big Problems […]

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Sep 09
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Replacing Your Roof… What Homeowners Need To Know

Roof Replacement in Indianapolis It’s easy to forget about your roof with it being up above and out of sight. But, just the same, it keeps the rain and snow out, it keeps unwanted animal life away, shelters from the wind, and helps with insulation. It’s a critical part of any house. Replacing a roof for a 2,000 square foot house can run up to $14,000. Larger homes can, of course, cost significantly more. […]

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Aug 20
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How Much Does A Roof Repair Cost?

A Breakdown of Roof Repair Costs A roof is designed to take a beating, but the ongoing exposure to the elements does eventually cause the roof to age, leading to missing shingles and other problems. Sometimes, these issues can be resolved with repair instead of complete roof replacement, and roof repair cost is typically a fraction of the cost for a full replacement. Here is a closer look at what the averages are and […]

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Jul 26

What You Should Know About Repairing Flat Roofs

How To Repair A Flat Roof Not all roofs come in the classic sloped angle you see driving through most neighborhoods. Flat roofs—or roofs pitched at a shallow angle—can be commonly seen on garages, home extensions, and many commercial buildings. They’re often easier to construct and come with some energy-saving benefits. But there are challenges to owning a flat roof, particularly when it comes to maintenance and repair. Here are some things to know […]

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Jun 13
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My Roof Is Leaking and Needs to Be Repaired

Repair a Leaky Roof The roof plays a vital role in protecting one of the most substantial investments people make: their home. It protects the house interiors from the elements. As such, it’s critical to ensure that the roof is free of damage like leaks. A leaking roof isn’t something that occurs by chance. Inadequate roof upkeep and extreme weather are the most common causes. A leak should be repaired as quickly as possible. […]

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May 11
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Residential Roofing Services Near You

Local Roofing Company Finding the right company can feel a bit challenging if you search for residential roofing services near you. Storm Guard has the knowledge and integrity you want when you choose a new roofing contractor. As you look for the right company to partner with, here are some reasons why we should be at the top of your list. Proper Licensing and Insurance for Your Protection Storm Guard wants you to have […]

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Apr 20
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Drone Roof Inspection Services

Roof Inspection in Indianapolis What’s the point of living in the future if you can’t take advantage of the latest technology? The days of having to climb onto a roof and walking over shingles to conduct a visual inspection may be over with the advent of drone imaging. Introducing the SG ProScan We’re redefining the very concept of roof inspections with our autonomous drones that offer faster, safer, and more accurate inspections. What’s more, […]

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Mar 16

2020 Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Indianapolis Home

We’re dealing with a strange year, to say the least, but spring is upon us. You spent the fall preparing your home for winter, from the lawn to energy-saving tasks, now it’s time to spring ahead. With longer days and warmer weather coming, get ready to thaw some burgers, grill them up, head outside and knock out some housework! Here are spring maintenance tips for your home. Gutters When you’re sure the last frost […]

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Mar 10
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Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

How To Maintain Your Roof With spring just around the corner, you’re probably heaving a sigh of relief, knowing that winter is over, at least for now. But don’t put your feet up just yet! The coming of spring also means spring cleaning and yard work, which is necessary to undo any winter damage and prepare the home for the rest of the year. In the frenzy to get everything in order, don’t forget […]

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