7 Roofing Contractor Red Flags To Look For In Indianapolis

So, you’ve noticed some damage on your roof or you had an inspection was done that found damage. Now you need to find a roofing contractor. You’ll want to find a contractor that fits within your budget and meets your other needs, but also one that is reputable and experienced, so the job gets done right. Here are 7 roofing contractor red flags to look for in Indianapolis.

No Portfolio

Before you hire a roofing contractor in Indianapolis to do work, you will want to see some of their previous work. A contractor that does not have a portfolio available for customers to view is just one of the roofing contractor red flags to look for in Indianapolis, especially if they are not local.

No References

Any reputable contractor will have references regarding their work. This can include previous clients that have given them permission to list them as a reference or businesses they have done work for. If they can’t provide references, you should err on the side of caution and shop around for another roofing contractor.

As for us, you can check our references from customers near you. Whether that’s on the northside in Carmel or Fishers, the southside in Greenwood, or close to our home base on the west side of Indianapolis near Avon.


No Insurance

You do not want roofing work done by a contractor with no insurance. Insurance not only protects them but also you in the event they damage your roof even further or cause other unrelated problems on your property. Insurance also protects you in the event someone is injured on your property. Do not hire a contractor without seeing proof of their insurance.

No License

A reputable contractor will be ready and willing to show you their license or letter of good standing. Matter of fact, they expect customers to ask for it. If a contractor can’t provide either of those, do not hire them until they can provide the license or letter. You may even just want to find another contractor if they beat around the bush regarding their license.

Here at Storm Guard, we’re transparent about our licensing and insurance. Come see why else you should hire Storm Guard!



A good contractor understands that these kinds of commitments take time and research. If your contractor is pushing you to make a choice or sign a contract, that is a huge red flag. If you are not ready, do not sign anything or make any commitments. A reputable roofing contractor will work with you and be readily available to answer questions and concerns without pressuring you to decide.

Cash Only

Contractors may offer various methods of payment. Cash payment is rarely if ever an option. Cash transactions are harder to keep a record of and should anything go wrong with the project, it would be significantly harder to get your money back with a cash transaction than it would with a credit or debit transaction.

In addition to offering several payment methods, we also offer financing here at Storm Guard. For more information on financing options, please contact us today!

No Insurance Claim Help

If the Indianapolis roofing contractor you’re working with does not offer any assistance with working with your home owner’s insurance, that should be a red flag. In most cases, you will want the insurance company to do an additional roof inspection. Often times, we will inspect the roof first, and then if there are any signs of storm damage, we will work directly with your insurance company to get them to pay for your roof replacement!

Not only do we help initiate the process, but we will also communicate with you openly, transparently, and consistently so you are in-the-know during the roof replacement process.


Negative Reviews

If the roofing contractor has detailed negative reviews on Facebook, Google, or Angie’s List, you’ll want to avoid using them, especially if they have multiple negative reviews. This is an important thing to look out for if the roofing contractor is not local.

Did you know your local Storm Guard in Indianapolis is an Angie’s List Super Service Award winner? We’re proud of the hard work we put in each day but more proud to say we have the customer service to back up our workmanship.


Out of State Tags

If you notice the vehicle the roofing contractor driving has limited information on the company, that should be a hint to look further at the vehicle they’re driving. If you see that the vehicle has out-of-state tags that is a major red flag. Those companies are likely “storm chasing” and offering outrageous warranties. Unfortunately, by the time you may want to take them up on the warranty they are far from the area and nowhere to be found.

As for Storm Guard, we are a local company with national backing. What does that mean and why is that important? That means we are locally owned and operated. We know the greater Indianapolis area extremely well and treat each customer like family and neighbors because we live here as well! Additionally, we have the backing of a national brand which means the very best in warranties and customer service.

There you have 7 roofing contractor red flags to look for in Indianapolis. When you’re hiring a roofing contractor to complete a project, you’ll want to ensure you hire someone reputable to avoid scams and issues. If they have negative reviews or offer cash-only payments, do not hire them. If they can’t provide insurance, a portfolio, their license, or references, you’ll want to be cautious and look elsewhere for a roofing contractor. Be sure to do your research thoroughly so you can find someone who meets your needs.