6 Signs Your Roof Is FAILING Your Home

The roof on your home endures years of rain, sun, frost, and other elements. Repeated exposure to these things wears down even the toughest roofing. While noticeable leaks are an obvious sign of a failing roof, there are several others you should be aware of to properly maintain your roof.

Keep an eye out for these 6 signs your roof is failing your home.

Plumbing Vent Boot Damage

Made of plastic, metal, or a combination of both, plumbing vent boots should be inspected for damage. Plastic bases are susceptible to cracks and metal bases may have broken seams if they’re damaged. A rubber boot surrounds the pipe. This rubber can become damaged and torn, allowing water access to your home. If you notice any damage, replace them immediately to prevent further damage. For missing or damaged screws, simply replace them with screws with rubber washers.

Stains on the Ceiling

Water stains on your ceiling are an obvious sign that your roof is failing your home. These stains are easy to spot but finding the leak that is the culprit for the stain won’t be as simple. Leaks should be found and repaired immediately, or you run the risk of mold and rot in your home’s wooden structure. Once you find the leak responsible for the stains, repairing it can be easy. If the leak is bad and can’t be easily repaired yourself, consult a qualified professional at Storm Guard.


Shiners are nails that missed their target. They are most noticeable on cold nights when frost accumulates on them. They’ll have a white appearance when they are frosted so you can spot them relatively easily. The solution for this is to simply cut them with side-cutting pliers.


Get a good look at your home where the roof meets your exterior walls. Any signs of mold present could be signs your roof is failing your home. Water can get behind the trim if there’s a window or door under this area, resulting in further damage to your home. By the time it becomes really noticeable, you may have years worth of damage to undo so be sure to inspect carefully!

Mold can also accumulate on your exterior walls if your roof is failing. If you notice mold on your exterior walls, break out the measuring tape and measure the point from the mold to a nearby door or window. Use this as a reference point so you can check the other side of the wall for signs of a slope or runoff that’s building near the home.

Gutter Rust

As seams expand and contract due to temperature changes, they can open up, resulting in a gutter leak. Rusty spots on the gutter can also lead to leaks, leaving your home vulnerable to water runoff. Repairing a gutter with minor damage is simple, but if the entire gutter is beyond repair, it’s time for new ones. For smaller areas of damage, roof and gutter repair tape will do the trick after you scrub the area clean of rust.

Drilled Holes

If you had a satellite or an antenna on your roof, you have holes in it. While the holes are small, they are tricky. Even the smallest hole in the shingles on your roof can cause serious damage and rot before you ever notice a problem. Repair these immediately to prevent worse damage to your roof and home.


Roof leaks are the most obvious sign your roof is failing your home, but by that time the damage is already done. Shiners and mold buildup anywhere in your home can be signs your roof is failing your home. If there is any damage to your plumbing vent boots, it will need to be repaired immediately. The same goes for rusted gutters, which is a simple fix.

By knowing what signs to look for, you’ll save yourself time and money down the road.  If you have signs of a failing roof, contact your Indianapolis Storm Guard today!