5 Tips To Make Sure Your Roof Can Handle The Summer Heat

Everyone knows the kind of damage winter weather can cause to a roof, but did you know summer damage can be just as costly? Not only is your roof exposed to the summer heat, but summer storms can cause unnecessary problems—especially in parts where hurricane season hits hard.

If you want to avoid costly repairs (or even a replacement), check out these 5 tips to prepare your roof for summer.

Visual Inspection

The first and easiest thing you can do to prepare your roof for summer is to visually inspect it. Some roof repairs are obvious.

Noticeable damage, such as broken or lifted shingles, should be fixed immediately to prevent further problems. What you might not be aware of, however, are less noticeable changes. One of the most common signs your roof needs some TLC is inconsistency in the shingles.

Aside from the obvious damaged shingles, if there are several that are streaked or vary in color, it is a clear sign your roof needs some work. The sooner these issues get fixed the better since summer storms can bring torrential downpours that put a beating on your roof.

Clean the Gutters

Cleaning the gutters is everybody’s favorite job, right? It might not be high on the to-do list, but it is important to prepare your roof for summer. Since summer storms can bring extended periods of heavy rainfall, clogged gutters can cause water buildup on your roof, leading to weakened shingles and eventually leaks.

Check your gutters periodically and keep them free of debris to eliminate the risk of water build-up and leaks.

Remove Hazards

Hazards consist of several things, but one of the most dangerous hazards to your roof are tree branches. If you have trees close to your home with low hanging branches, or branches that extend near the roof, you will want to get them trimmed. Storms with heavy winds can break these branches, causing damage to your home and roof.

Extremely heavy winds can even take down entire trees! It is better to be safe and trim up the trees around your home before the summer storms have a chance to take on the job.

Another hazard that may be less common since everything is going wireless is an old antenna. If you have an old antenna on your roof, removing it can prevent it from becoming a flying hazard during harsh wind conditions.

Check for Leaks

Since summer storms are notorious for their extensive amounts of rainfall, the last thing you want beating down on a leaking roof is more water.

Water stains on the walls or ceiling are the two most common indications of a roof leak. If you notice either of those, contact a reputable roofing contractor like us to inspect and repair the leak before the summer storms cause costly issues.

Professional Inspection

If you feel your visual inspection was not good enough to prepare your roof for summer, call us to come take a look!

There may be damage an untrained eye wouldn’t notice. That way, you can have your roof assessed and damages repaired before it gets worse.

Winter isn’t the only season that is harsh on your roof. Between the constant UV rays and heavy rainfall, summer puts your roof to the test. There are things you can check for each season to ensure your roof is in top shape all year round.

  • Visually inspect your roof for noticeable damage and changes to the shingles.
  • Make sure to keep your gutters clean to prevent water buildup and leaks, since a clogged gutter won’t allow water to run off from your home.
  • Clean up any hazards that could cause problems during storms, such as old TV antennas or tree branches close to your roof.

If you want to make sure your roof is ready for the summer heat and humidity here in Indianapolis, contact us for your free roof inspection!